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Nothani Education Trust was founded by its  current trustees who had decided to form an investment consortium in 2005.  It was birthed as a promise that should the consortium be successful in securing targeted deals, they would form an education trust through which they would assist others to escape the vicious poverty trap through education and training as they did.

Our Purpose: provision of quality education through the pursuit of our chosen causes.

Our values

We are guided by the following universal values in carrying out our work:

  • Ubuntu
  • Action
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Thoughtfulness

Scholarship Details

Download scholarship forms.

  • Please print when completing the form.
  • Mark appropriate blocks with an “X” Failure to complete the application form fully and correctly may prejudice the applicant’s chances of obtaining a bursary.

Submit the completed application form and the relevant attachments to the Administrator: Nothani Education Trust, musa@nothani.org.za

For more information on the criteria for selection and other related conditions. Please visit the ELIGIBILITY page. This will give you an understanding of whether you qualify.

Apply For

a Scholarship

an opportunity for deserving students to study.


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