Our Causes

Our Causes

Our causes are influenced by the trustees’ individual and collective first hand experiences of growing up in and around poverty and deprivation. Following here-below are some of the causes we wish to FOCUS on, funds and other resources permitting, in our quest to GROWING POSITIVE MINDSETS to empower one and many to lead successful and happy livelihoods:


Access to education opportunities.

Many capable and able rural young and old are held back in realizing their God given talents and their full potential owing at best to limited or at worst non-existent education opportunities

Mentoring and Coaching

Educating the Mind without Educating the heart is no education at all – Aristotle.

The Trust only takes a maximum of 5 matriculants after an intense application selection process, every three or four years.  Each trustee is then allocated a successful applicant to mentor and coach over the duration of their studies and beyond on a needs basis. This provides immediate access to mentorship and to the much needed social capital after graduation. The mentorship and Coaching starts with an assertiveness and confidence building on-boarding day long programme. Each Scholarship Awardee is required to identify a not for profit organization where they‘ll give of their time whilst they are studying, all in an effort to create social consciousness (educating the heart)


People with disabilities

Rural areas have people with mental and physical handicaps who could lead better lives if those around them were empowered to partner with and not hide them from the Public. There are numbers of people with various physical challenges living without the necessary mobility Aids.

Technology based access to information

The information age is here,  nevertheless information superhighways are so near and yet so far for rural communities, they are missing a vital part of advancement human kind has ever seen.  Rural schools have zero wi-fi access, and basic computer skills are at best very few and at worst not there at all.



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