• School Leavers will be from Historically Disadvantaged families with a total income of between three hundred and sixty and Five Hundred thousand rand and below per annum excluding any government grants;
  • Applicants will be interviewed and shortlisted by one or more NOTHANI EDUCATION TRUST”S Trustees;
  • Applicants must have already successfully applied at a tertiary institution of their choice within the Republic of South Africa, although travel to and from the tertiary institution will be for their account – The Trust will not pay for Transport;
  • Scholarship Awardees to identify and offer their services, preferably without compensation except if the said organization decided to offer a transport stipend, to a community social development effort through a recognized non-governmental or community-based organization;
  • It’d also be accepted if the Scholarship Awardee would identify any social development initiative within own or at any other community, formalize/register this, roll out and support implementation thereof;
  • Scholarship Awardee would fill in applicable time sheets for time worked on social upliftment projects;
  • Scholarship Awardee must be prepared to contribute 10% of their income at the start of their employment/Business equivalent to the number of years of receiving the Nothani Scholarship;
  • The NOTHANI EDUCATION TRUST shall provide them with the NPO number for tax purposes;
  • Scholarship Awardees would each be allocated a mentor, this would be one of the trustees or someone vetted and approved by the NOTHANI EDUCATION TRUST BOARD;
  • Scholarship Awardees to declare other financial assistance in the form of bursary, grants and merit awards to the Nothani Education Trust;

TERMINATION: THE NOTHANI EDUCATION TRUST reserves the right to terminate the Bursary on the following non-exhaustive grounds:

  • Failure to meet any one (1) or more of the above criteria irrespective of reasons will be good enough to terminate the scholarship at any stage;
  • Financial assistance would be withheld for any breach of the tertiary institution’s rules and regulations including failure to qualify for and pass exams;
  • Surfacing of new information at a later stage pointing to false information having been provided by the Scholarship Awardee, including lying about family circumstances and affordability, will not only result in the withdrawal of the financial assistance but the Scholarship Awardee would be required to repay all monies paid up to that point;
  • Scholarships offered would always depend on the availability of funds;


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